making new friends

im a single mother not only lookin to make n meet new friends iam also looking for new friends for my son. hes 15 months old n well doesnt have anybody to play with or have any friends n i really hate it cuz i really want friends for him so he can play learn etc with friends we dont have any other kids to play with him n be his friend in the place we live there well not kid ppl i guess just dont know how to go about doing that

    thanks kim me to
    thanks cassie hey how do i find classes like that
      oh i didnt think about that its funny we do the activities but its always older kids tho i should probably try the story times its been awhile since ive introduced my self to new ppl iam always used to starting the conversation haha guess it changes when u become a mommy also ymca i know where one is never been before thanks for that idea im gonna check it out
        hey shelia n a 7yr old awww hehe
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        iam a single mother whos not only looking for new friends lookin for friends for my son hes a sweet boy whos very spunky we live somewhere theres hardly any kids to play with n make friends so were out lookin to meet new friends!!iam sweet myself!