How to make your baby smarter! (and yourself too!)

Take this advice with a grain of salt (shouldn't you take all advice that way anyway?) because I don't have a baby yet. However, intelligence is pretty important to me so I've been researching this sort of thing for a long time to make sure I do it the best I can when the time comes. A lot of this advice is (almost) just as valid for an adult trying to improve their own brain and memory as well.

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. A healthy balanced diet keeps the brain gears nice and lubed up. As it pertains to pregnancy/baby/toddler- LOTS of good fats. Omega-3's are found in fish and flax seed in high concentration as well as other foods. These type of fats are perfect for growing brain cells. Avocados are full of good fats too.

Anthocyanins – Found in all sorts of dark purple vegetables. Purple cabbage, beats, purple sweet potatoes, blackberries, blueberries, certain lettuces. Anthocyanins have TONS of health benefits but are especially good for protecting the brain.

DHA. All the DHA you can handle. (Not really, I don't know if there's a point at which it becomes toxic, though I doubt it. Everything in moderation, hahah. ) Though I think IQ tests are inherently majorly flawed, there are a lot of studies linking DHA intake to increase in IQ. It's in all baby formula in the US and you can also buy supplements for when you're breastfeeding.

As for stimulation of the baby, there are lots of things you can do. I have a really good book called I think “How to Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten” that's got all sorts of info from research studies to activities to do with your child from birth to age five to help with their best cognitive development.

And, of course, there's the great debate about TV before age two. I won't even go there. But! I did read an interesting study that said when baby is learning to talk, even music can mess with them and that was one I didn't know! I always thought music was great for brains, and it is to some degree, but hearing adult interaction with no other sound is 'best' for language skills.

I wouldn't mind trying a pregnancy safe nootropic during pregnancy either. Surprisingly, soy isoflavones are actually a mild nootropic in their own right! So, guess I'm on the right track hahahaha.

And, not really related to babies but doing simple things like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand can improve your brain function and memory!

So, do you intentionally try to make your child smarter? Does it matter to you? Do you know any tips, tricks, myths, and legends that are supposed to work? Those of you with multiple kids who tried different things... can you tell a difference?

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    I actually haven't personally met a mama who didn't let their kids watch TV before two. The only thing I've read are the studies (Which, let's be honest... may be meaningless. Jello used to also be 'healthy' according to studies. Studies now say it isn't. Who is doing this halfhearted studying?) I do wonder whether the intelligence is offset by the social repercussions of not watching television. Win some, lose some.

    I'm sure Noah's just perfect the way he is!
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        I have read and spoken with a lot of mothers that do not believe in letting their baby listen or watch tv/music. I am from the older generation where there wasn't quite as much research and studies done on this. There was never any change in our daily routines as far as tv, music or other stimuli. I don't feel that it altered the learning process at all. We did however read ALOT!!!! I think this helps tremendously. You, my daughter have excelled in everything you have done. Very gifted indeed. Very intelligent without a doubt and all after repeatedly watching BARNEY!!!!!! hahahaha!
        Thank you, mama. I don't think Barney rotted my brain. At least, I hope so... HAHAHA. I do remember reading a lot as a kid, much, much more than most of my peers and I think I still do. And I remember learning lyrics to songs before I knew what a lot of words meant, hahah!
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