Tips for running your own websites

I've got a lot of tips for running your own websites, so I'll share with you ladies the ones I find most important. I know others of you out there have your own sites too, so I would love to hear your input, especially you mommy bloggers since that's a niche I intend to break into. Oh, and you book bloggers as well!

My number one tip, before all else, get GOOD hosting. Preferably something you can upgrade when the time comes. That means good speeds, and great uptime. I use Dreamhost which is unlimited usage, unlimited domains hosted, unlimited emails, etc. It's a little pricy at about $150/year but there are great coupons that can give you over 50% off the first year and usually a free domain registration or two. Lots of one click installs like Wordpress. Also, if you register your domain through them you get free WHOIS protection, which if you're like me, is kinda priceless. I don't want creeps being able to know my name and address with a 5 second Google search. Now, my sites just show up with Dreamhost's name and address while still being completely legal on registration laws.

If you have a post go viral, you don't want a cheap server to be overloaded, your page inaccessible, your hard work practically pointless... It's worth the money.

Other than that, good, easy to navigate design. If your users can't find what they want quickly, they'll leave and find someone who can. In an age where most people want what they were looking for yesterday, speed and ease of use is your friend. Maybe even more. Like a friend with benefits. Code it yourself or purchase a premium theme. A lot of the pretty free Wordpress themes can hurt your rankings because the code is often kinda iffy and often has links. Google does not like that.

Speaking of Google, sign up for authorship. It looks very professional as a blogger and can also help your rankings. It's also pretty easy.

Update frequently and make sure your front page updates somewhere with new content when you do so.

Make sure every page on your site can be accessed within three clicks. Five if you must, but three is generally a good number to stick to. Also good for Google rankings.

Learn SEO (Search engine optimization) and USE it. Don't let that be the controller of your content, but make sure your content is optimized. It doesn't do a lot of good to make a site if no one can find it.

Niche down if you can, especially if you're just starting out.

Use some sort of analytics tool. Google analytics is pretty straightforward and easy to implement. Course correct as necessary with what your readers respond to best.

I could go on and on and on and on and on about this stuff, but that's a good primer, I think.

What about you other ladies who run websites? What are you biggest tips?

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    Oh my this is great information... I have always wanted to start my own... but now I see it takes much work ... makes me rethink!
    Don't let it scare you off! All of the stuff I mentioned really doesn't take too much time. Content and marketing are the biggest parts that take time... but, in my opinion, that's the fun part!
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      Oh, Linda, I feel you right there!!! That's part of the reason I got that unlimited hosting so I can talk about everything I want! I just put it on different sites. I think with mama-type sites, you do have a little more freedom to broaden your topics there... I think that's why a lot of people visit mommy blogs, to see YOUR life and YOUR opinions on all kinds of stuff.
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