Yes I wear a bikini

welp I'm going to have some of you moms mad (lol), but, yes I do. after having both my children: the first a year ago and the second a month ago I actually lost weight. while still in hospital I was skinny again almost directly after baby. I hate it because I am very petite and feel too skinny, but, other people say I'm fine. I have no stretch marks and a flat belly. I have a natural dark color to me and so I feel alright about wearing one.
I have had people I know say, "I hate you so much. You don't even look like you just had not 1 but 2 babies back to back. I can't even tell you had 1!!!! Damn you!" I usually just giggle lol

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    haha well IN THAT CASE... maybe I need to have another one LMAO.
    I could use weight in the right places hehe. Well my friend that said that she gained 85 punds her first child. I was in shock because she had always been so thin like me. She said she ate alot. I ate & always have ate like a mad woman so that makes no sense to me. lol everyone is different though I guess
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