40 aftershocks!! No. Thank you. What's your "disaster"? Are you prepared with survival kit??

Last night we had a decent size earthquake again. Followed by 40 aftershocks!!! Ridiculous. I felt almost all but we were further from it then the one on the 17th that happened down the street from us.

Thankfully my kids were sound asleep.. I'm not up for them back in my bed again so soon.

But we are upping our survival kit today. Lol. New canned goods and water just in case.

Where are you? What natural disaster is yours? You have a survival kit? What's in it?

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      I didn't either but the one on the 17th that was a mile from our place rocked us. Like I thought it was the big one.. We got shaken hard!! Worse than northridge or SF!!
      And I realized how totally unprepared I was. Zero. Zilch. So I got done bottle water, snacks, flashlights, and that's it. But I feel better knowing we have some things.
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