Oh, hell no kiddos. Lol.

My kids are awesome. But they're up at 6 every day... Yes, even weekends.. Which is fine cause they usually leave me be and I'm around 7 ish anyway.

But holy cow today!!!???? I slept on the couch because my niece is visiting this weekend and is 16 and 6"1' so I gave her my bed.. Anywho. My daughter came out and turned her show on and curled up next to me and then woke me UP and asked me for water and a snack!!!
Huh!!?? Record scratch.
I said to her dripping w sarcasm at 6:03 am in the dark... "So you think waking me up from being asleep and asking me to get up and get u something to eat when u are perfectly capable of doing it yourself is a good idea!?"
She shrugged and got up.

Then... About 30 minutes later.. My son.. Calls from across the living room ..from a chair and actually says the words. "Will u please wake up now so u can get me a snack?"

Whaaaaattttt??? Lol

And I said to him from under my cover, eyes closed, "did you really just ask that???do you really think that's a wise idea?"


My kids and I have had a talk now. Lol. I told them how I live to do things for them. When I'm up. And that I don't actually work for them so I would appreciate it if when they see me sleeping that they need to care for ME.. Maybe take care of themselves better to let mama rest.

They need to care for ME too.

They normally get their own snacks in the morning. But it was laughable that they asked me from a sound sleep as they sat there.

Narcissism in kids. Only time u can get away with it... Or not.

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      Oh I can't wait for the day when mine are self sufficient. At 4 and 3 I am seeing glimmers of it... but they still start every morning with requests for help starting the very second they wake up.
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