Gestationally Diabetic and I still can eat pancakes!

I'm kind of rather psyched today! For the last 3 days, since my dietician pushed me to "2-3 carbs for breakfast" instead of 1, and I got a bit excited, I"ve been getting high numbers, and thinking that I wouldn't be able to continue eating pancakes. But I didn't give up too easily, and I insisted on trying everything I could to make the pancakes work and I did it! 104 two hours later! The thing is, it doesn't look like my body can handle a 3-carb breakfast. That's ok. 2 is fine by me.

    Yay!!! Have you ever tried paleo pancakes??? They are mostly banana and are AMAZING. We have had these ones:…

    And loved them... not sure if you can have bananas or not though? Do they have too much sugar/carbs??
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