New Parent's Class through the hospital

My husband and I took a new parents class that was given through the hospital. I didn't really feel like it was that valuable as far as a learning tool went - really the only thing I ever used from it was that I knew where the buckets were for if you got sick in the hospital... which I did... but I was too busy throwing up to get one for myself and my husband completely forgot where they were (looking back it's a pretty funny memory). What I DID really like the classes for was that it introduced us to a group of parents that were having children at about the same time we were. We ended up staying in touch with a few of the families from our childbirth class, and it's really fun for all of us to watch our babies grow together... especially since I'm not sure we would have met otherwise.

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    Me and my fiance attended one at the hospital. It was very helpful because we're old. lol.

    We got the baby taken away from us because we couldn't figure out how to get it through the pelvis model, that was a great memory. Still makes me laugh. It was really nice to sit with other first time parents and see what we had in common. Also good to see other fathers there, that helped my fiance A LOT!
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