Causes of autistic tantrums...

It's hard to say specific things that can cause tantrums, or melt downs. usually it stems from being over whelmed either physically, mentally or emotionally which can be brought on by sensitivities. Sensitivities can include things you or I would not even notice. A light flickering, a shirt feeling scratchy, another child being a bit noisy, finger hurting from grasping a crayon or pencil. Remember that the things we are sensitive to can be magnified by 10 in the autistic childs mind.

Some studies have shown that the area of the brain that is affected can cause sensory adaptation to not develop. You or I might walk into a room that doesn't smell wonderful but our senses will adapt and we will notice the scent less as minutes pass. That doesn't necessarily happen with the autistic child, it just keeps pounding at their senses until they react in a way that may seem inappropriate.

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