Peanut Butter? What age do you guys think.

I have been wanting to let my daughter Ashley try peanut butter but have been told different ages. I've been told 2 and 3. Anyone have any idea what age to give it to her.

    I ate peanut butter, peanuts, nuts you name the nut I ate it. I love a variety of foods and I ate them when I was prego. My husband and I have no know allergies to foods. Some moms do a tablespoon of table foods 12-24mo you can sample everything from peanut butter to dairy products. If your concerned asked your doctor, especially if you and your husband have a history of allergies.
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    My name is Nikki. Have 2 adorable daughter's named Ashley that is 3 and Theresa that is 3 months. Been a stay at home mom since I have had Ashley.