Vaccinations and Autism

I know there are several of you that have children or family with children that have Autism . There has been great debate over the past several years as to whether or not vaccinations and Autism are linked.

How do you feel about this? Do you think there is a link?

    I do not think there is a link.
      I'm so happy to see everyone on keeping this conversation kind and respectful. There are way too many places on the net where this turns into all out war. It makes me so PROUD to be a member of this community.

      I've went deep, deep, DEEEEEP down this rabbit hole and I still don't know. But, the world needs more Aspies and every Asperger's person I know who is an adult(I'm pretty involved in this community) does NOT WANT a cure, period. Having a lot of autistic qualities myself (just as my father does, he's pretty much a cliche) I am highly inclined to agree. Yeah, there are sucky aspects, but there are also AMAZING aspects that most neurotypicals don't quite understand (not all, obviously) I even know a wonderful woman who is in her 50's now who was nonverbal until around her 30's I think, and even she says NO CURE, Autism pride all the way, and you know she dealt with a lot of hardships because of it. We are all DIFFERENT and should be proud. I feel like Shayna Gier would have stuff to say on the topic too, 'cause we've talked a whole lot about stuff like this.

      Guess my point is, though it might be challenging as a parent... I don't think it should be as big a concern in strict reference to the child. Weigh the other pros and cons of the vaccines, I think.

      I think Theresa Gould pointed out there may be other stuff in vaccines too? Forgive me if I'm wrong, I just have a vague memory of reading that on something she posted. I don't know anything about that, but she might!

      I do think it's a very personal, family decision though and EVERYONE has to respect each other's choices. :)
      8Theresa Gould
      Yes, there are other stuff in vaccines but you have to ask the doctor to read the label, if you can understand the terminology on it!

      I definitely think there's a link between vaccinations and Autism, but I also think there are environmental factors, food issues etc. Sheila and I have a friend Maryannwho has had great success in treating her autistic son with natural methods, diet and so much more I am leaving out.
      vaccines still contain mercury. They have upped the allowed limit and as long as it is below that it is considered mercury free. Sort of like somethings can be called gluten free as long as they have less than a certain parts per million, even though it still has gluten.
        While the only study linking autism and vaccines has been proven to be a falsified study it hasn't been proven the two aren't linked. Personally, I don't think they are. I would lean towards the amount or processing and preservatives in our food for a cause of increasing autism rates.

        But at this point I feel it is far more important to vaccinate me child. The risks of the diseases that we vaccinate against are exponentially higher than the risks from the vaccines.
        Totally agree with you with the preservatives and all the nasty stuff in our food and water. It's definitely what's rotting our teeth at least.
          I'm here!

          I personally do not want to to vaccinate my children on the schedule provided.

          In doing research, I have found that there actually are documented cases where vaccinating all at once, in adults, has caused terrible side-effects. No studies have been done on children, and most of the tests done on children and vaccinations are done on those children ages 4 and up.

          As for the autism-vaccination "link" I do believe, from my studies, that it exists. But it is just that. It's a link. Not causal.

          Basically, we know that autistics tend to have vitamin deficiency, our bodies do tend to not absorb certain vitamins and such. That is known. What I only recently learned, is there's a gene in the genetic code that has something to do with the way bodies handle poison, or the ability to absorb nutrients. Would it surprise you that most autistics are found to have a mess-up in this gene structure?

          I forget what it's called, but its like the MFTHR gene or something like that.

          And how does all this relate to vaccines?

          In NORMAL cases, vaccines, which do contain things that are, by all other accounts, poisonous, enter the blood stream, and normal people's immune systems kick into gear, and do away with the poisonous parts. They don't really suffer from this inclusion in vaccines. That's the normal response.

          But for people that have this gene mutation? Well... it can cause the body to not absorb/do away with the poison- usually mercury. When that poison is left around, it can do harm, and some studies have shown that there are pretty similar results of mercury poisoning, and autism.

          So the theory goes that if you have a normal person, there's no risk of autism from vaccination.

          If you have a person with the gene variation, well.... it's possible there is a link there.

          But it would be more like turning on an inactive gene, than outright causing it.

          I stand firm on the stance that says that autism is, above all, genetic. I think it's a highly complex genetic key, that we may never be able to nail down because of the complexity of it, but I do believe it is genetic.

          So in conclusion, I think if one does their research, and they should, there are many other better reasons to not vaccinate than because you fear autism. And the link that may be there, isn't really an issue, in most cases. But if you are autistic, well... chances are you do have that gene issue, and therefor there's a chance that your child has it too.

          Feel free to ask questions if I wasn't clear. I have this information in my head, and I'm having a hard time getting it out.
          I knew you were the gal to ask, Shayna. I freakin' love you, man, lol. Thank you for your long and insightful comment. :) :)

          Also... that last sentence sums up so many things. Story of my life, right?

          I just wrote an article on tantrums/meltdowns too. I'd appreciate it a boatload if you'd throw some advice over there too.

          Hope you and Avery and the rest of the family are doing well, and this gestational diabetes isn't kicking your butt too bad.
          as an aside more people have MTHRF than don't. There are single and double variants of that. But vaccines and autism go much deeper than MTHFR, they cause immune disregulation - that is the whole point of a vaccine. And, even if we are to go with your description, doctors indiscriminately vaccinate, they do not test for MTHFR before they vaccinate, when they actually could.
            This is a extremely personal issue for me. I hate the whole "autism is beautiful" thing because there is NOTHING beautiful about your child biting his hand so hard and so often that he bites it to the bone. There is nothing beautiful about your child punching you in the stomach or head, putting you in the ER because of the anger your child has. There is nothing beautiful about being told to institutionalize your child. I get the love of your child, because I love mine son fiercely, but autism is medical. It can and should be treated. vaccines have been proven to cause autism - there are at least 80 cases that the vaccine compensation court have awarded to the parents indicating that vaccines have resulted in the child's autism. That means the US government, that says vaccines don't cause autism, has awarded monies to the families of vaccine injured children saying vaccines resulted in the child's autism. They are NOT perfectly safe. There is a whole vaccine injury database, which the CDC admits is under reported, a whole private vaccine compensation court, and laws to protect vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits should you be injured by their product. Even Bernadette Healey, the former head of the NIH, believed that vaccines can cause autism and we should be more interested in what the parents say than what the doctors say. Your average doctor will not know anymore about vaccine injury than what the Pharm rep has told them, which is nothing. But read the inserts. Read what is in them. And know that vaccines bypass your normal immune response and use things like aluminum and squalene to cause heightened immune responses. Sometimes the body does not come back from that. The Hep B vaccine, which is the one that injured my son, says right on the packet it can cause hypotonia (which my son has) and encephalitis (which my son has and which causes autism - my son's neurologist said his "brain is on fire".) Yeah, nothing beautiful in a brain being on fire. Sorry if that is offensive to some, but I don't hold to the belief that autism in genetic - there is NO SUCH THING as a genetic epidemic. Genetic changes come slowly not 30% growth in 2 years. If the child had cancer no one would question treating the child but with autism you "don't love or accept your child" because you want to heal them. I have treated my son's physical issues and in doing so have recovered him from his autism. We have used the ATEC to show that he still has issues but no longer qualifies as autistic, when just a few years ago they wanted us to institutionalize him. My son, and others like him, are proof that autism is treatable and medical, not neurological.
              Autism is a matter, largely, of ability vs circumstance. This is key to understanding how some people "lose" their diagnosis. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 22- too late in life for most (all) interventions. Prior to that point, I was pretty high-functioning. But somewhere between working full time and being a "real" adult, my abilities were overcome by my circumstances, and I've had to deal with a lot of set-backs because of that. Well, that, and my strong-headedness about not giving up until I just absolutely had no choice but to do so. In fact, I'm still paying that price.

              However, even in my worst days, I would not say there is nothing beautiful about autism. Although, from your perspective I can understand that view. As an adult diagnosed three times, I love some of my autistic traits. I love the focus it gives me for things I enjoy, and the way that I don't understand violence, abuse, cliques, ect.. If you ask me, the world would be a lot better off if everyone had just a touch of autism, because there wouldn't be mind-games and manipulation. There would be a hell of a lot more logic, and a lot less bullying and other cruelties.

              That being said, there are definitely hardships that come with being autistic too, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't. but that's why understanding and acceptance, and accomodations in life, are so very important.
              Shayna I think we are talking about two different types of autism. You could function, you could get through your day. I am talking about the autism I am seeing more and more frequently. The child that wanders off and drowns, the child that is so violent they put their mother in the ER, the child that screams in pain or is self injurious. That is NOT what you are talking about. And I can't say that it should be embraced. Instead the child needs help and treatment. Understanding is awesome and I want my son to do well and not be ostracized, but really GI pain, brain inflammation, self injurious behavior that stuff doesn't need to be accepted, it needs to be treated. And treated with more than "oh it's genetic, too bad." My son had serious GI issues, and when the doc found out he had autism you know what he said? Go away I can't help you. But if a neurotypical child presented with the same issues they would have tests run and the problem would be fixed. Even the AAP said this has to stop and kids need to be treated for their co-morbid disorders. They aren't right now. And I have found that if these are treated the autism goes away. That is really, really big.
                Autism, in it's many forms, is a neuralogical disorder. Our brains are wired differently. Yes, G.I issues are very common too. But true autism is in the brain. In fact, they are working on, and have figured out, some brain-scan tests that would/do definitively show the difference between an autistic's brain, and a neurotypical's brain.

                While I'll admit the issues you tell about are troubleing, you are talking about childhood autism. Autism is life-long. And yes, meltdowns can be particularly troublesome. But, it has to be said, someone let that autistic kid get to that point where a meltdown was inevitable. Meltdowns are, on the whole, preventable, if you know what to do. Sensory overload, and demands that put stress on the autistic are things that can be eliminated or lessened, and if you do that, the degree of the meltdown won't be so bad.

                We self-injure because the parts of the brain that control pleasure and pain are very close together, and when stressed, that pain can release that tension. Obviously, this is still unwanted behavior, and stimming is a much healthier way to deal with it. but all these things are symptoms, not causes.

                I don't believe one form of autism is all that different from another, I just think it presents differently. But if you find the cause- often stress and overstimulation, or understimulation in some cases- then you can begin to treat it.

                As for doctors... I dont' know what to say there. I wasn't around doctors when I was young enough to get help, and I've been turned away many times when they hear I'm an autistic adult. "w just dont' ahve anything for you"
                  I will have to disagree with you across the board. I have seen first hand, and there is tons of studies, that show autism is not neurological. It is an autoimmune response to physical problems. and self injury and meltdowns are not troublesome, they can be deadly for kids. When I say we are talking about two different types of autism I mean you are talking extremely high functioning, not classic or PPD-NOS where the child can not function. They have to wear protective gear and such. That is what I'm talking about. These kids don't grow out of it. But I think I've beat this horse to death so I'm stepping off now. Just know that in my opinion what you are describing is Not the reality of most of the families I know. They will not grow out of it. They children will be dependent upon the family and state forever unless we change our approach. There is a conference next month in Chicago, Autism One, that has all the latest and greatest approaches to treating autism and recovering kids. And it really does happen. That is NOT neurological. You don't recover from neurological disorders. You can recover from autism.
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