California moms!! 100 earthquakes and counting... U ok??!

Dude. What is happening!!!! We are at 100 earthquakes ranging in small to big ... Constant it seems. We have felt most of them in LA... They're happening about an hour away.

NOT happy. Lol. I'm from California and yes, I've been in many but you never get used to them and anyone with the lazy no big deal attitude can suck it.

The big one is coming!!!!!

California moms!!! Holla!! U guys all okay????

    That's horrible! Scary! Praying for everyone. Stay safe!
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        I haven't felt any of them yet, but hubby said the one last night rattled the windows of the office where he works. I'm ready to move back to the east coast, lol!!
          Lol!!! Yes, Addison my little 7 year old baby girl so afraid of the big bad world right now.
          Luckily they've been happening at night and she's yet to feel any of them and I keep the news off and don't mention them. She hasn't felt any aftershocks yet. Fingers crossed.
          So sweet of u guys!!! Thank you. Hope they pass soon or hate to say it but just the big one come and go already. I'm in the zone. Ready ish, ... But these suckers happen when u least expect it.
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