My younger niece is here!!!

My 16 year old (and 6'1") niece is in LA visiting me and my kids. First trip alone on a plane and I love her!!! Can't believe she's 16! Look at her!!! Gorgeous and took over being the tallest in the fam. I'm 5'8" and she dwarfs me!!!!

My younger niece is here!!!
    Beautiful pic! You two do look alike :)
      Awwww thank you!!! My kids adore her. My older niece goes to college near by now so we see her a lot.
      And this one has just started modeling. Toothpick .. Tall and leggy. Just needs confidence. The cliche model story now.. Awkward and poked fun at for her height and awkwardness. They will all be sorry one day.
      We had a great day!!!
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