Prayers for me tonight please

Yeah.. I might just be a big whiner but I'm having a night and I need prayers to get through it.

Normally every other weekend we go to a different town 2 hours away to work on our rental houses. Yesterday he made a comment that I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings but it did so I just shut down all night. So.. for the first time ever I just stayed home.

Charlie is not happy unless he's sitting on my lap which is impossible because I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop.

The dogs are being crazy, the new one just decided to help herself to food off of the counter?!?! If I put them out she digs holes...

I'm going insane.

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      hugs. watch a comedy.. laughter is the best medicine :)
        hugs!!! Any man that will bring home flowers to show howuch he loves and cares about you and with that gesture shows a little guilt is a man to hold on to. As for the pup, remember you saved her and she is still learning her manners. And Charlie still loves you too.
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