An update on my day...

An update on my day:

It went better. It got to about 70 degrees so we where out of the apt for most of the day :) We went for a walk (about a mile long) and a nice long car ride to the lakes and looked at another camper we want to purchase after we sell our current one.

We live on the 4th floor but the elevator is somewhat working. It runs and is in operation until Tues, then the elevator guys will be back with yet another part for it and hope that fixes it (something with the computer in the motor or something like that) it makes a horrible noise and shakes really bad.

Lil Cheyenne does not nap well (at home). She naps in the car (sometimes) until the car gets turned off. She sometimes dozes off on me when nursing and being rocked so I lay her down in her crib after she falls asleep and she wakes up (most times). Hopefully tonight will be better so we aren't so tired for church tomorrow.

God bless every one

    Did you have a good night? Did your little one ever get to bed?
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