Happy Sunday

It's Sunday again and that means we'll be going to Church this morning. We are almost ready to go, all the kids are up and getting ready we have to be there by 9:30 and it's only 8:22 now so we're running ahead of schedule today which is nice for a change.

After we get home from Church, I have some running to do I wasn't able to get everything from the store yesterday but will be going back to get the rest of the things we need today. Then we'll have a fun day with the kids, let them play and have fun together, it's suppose to be 76 degrees today so I imagine they'll want to be outside playing. Tim is off today too, he'll be off tomorrow as well as he has his two days off, then he works six straight days and has two off again, he has been on that schedule for over a year now.

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    We don't have a Church of our liking so we gather around the dining room table and we take turns reading the Bible. While listening to Christian music in candle light at 6pm.
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