Stay-at-home mom. Need to start working from home.

I am brand new to this site. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I need to start working from home. I live in Delaware right now, but we're moving to Florida in July. I have to have a work from home position by the summer in order to be able to stay in the place we will be living. There are so many scams out there. I don't have any money to start a work from home business. Does anyone have any suggestions? I welcome all help and new friends/followers I can get on here. I'm a single mother trying to make the best for my daughter. Thank you.

8Theresa Gould
Oh wow, congratulations, Sarah! :) Hope it works out well for you!
    I have been a part of our team for over 13 years.... You may choose to work part to full time... from anywhere in the country....supplement or replace an income to allow you to be home full time with your family. Work around your own schedule. Must have a phone, an internet accessible computer. Must truly enjoy helping others. Our team is a team of dedicated moms and dads who work from home to enjoy financial freedom, and the flexibility to be there with their family. All training, support provided. This is an opportunity to have your own home business...No get rich quick, no investment of money...The investment in this business you will make is your time.