Hot 'n' sweaty!

Taking a nap with my daughter is like taking a nap with an oven! This child sweats and turns into Lava Girl when she's asleep! lol I woke up drenched in her sweat. I'm talking about straight through my shirt and straight through my bra! Okay!!

    We don't have central heating and cooling like normal people would (Hubby's parents built this house from scratch.) so we have 3 heaters for the house. We have one in both bedrooms and one in the living room. The one in the living room is a heater/AC so it works good for both winter and summer (speaking of, I miss you, Summertime!!) My hubby sleeps like a rock and sweats constantly through the night. His side of the bed will be soaked if a fan isn't on or if it's too hot.
    Sophia is the same way. She hates taking naps alone and wants me to cuddle with her. So I end up doing just that!
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