ok moms I need help

I'm trying to induce labor my doc said just to make it to 37 weeks I'm that today what is the fastest way to help my little man out I would wait till he is ready but I'm so thinned out and in really bad pain 24/7 I don't know how much more I can take i can't pick up my daughter or hardly sit up straight any suggestions?

    Try walking, some exercise and even I heard intercoarse helps too. Hope you feel better soon before you know it you will be holding your little man in your arms. Stay strong. Huggsss
      I agree with Debi and Stefany.. even though you don't want to hear it right at this moment.. look at the long term.. how good it will be for baby to bake and stay in there longer.. you never know the complications that can come when a baby comes too early.. even though you think they are ready. The American Academy of Peds suggests to wait to let the baby come on their own.. so I hope you are open to doing that! I would express the need for help with your pain.. hopefully they could help!
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