Words unspoken....

Well, my hubby is a truck driver. He is home on the weekends. Well, I have made him upset and he is leaving to go back to work on a not so happy note. I guess it isn't always happily ever after!!!!

6Miranda SmithFayetteville, North Carolina
    6Miranda Smith
    Oh we will talk during the week. I just hate it when we flustered with one another... Time apart is good... I just miss him.
      6Miranda Smith
      It is better...we discussed things. It is amazing how the smallest things will set off small escalations. We have been married for 18 wonderful years. We are a blended family and so we have always used marital tricks, scripture and chocolate to get through the roughness. So time apart is good. However, I can't wait to see him this weekend. Thank you all for the encouragement!!!! What a blessing I found you all.
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