What does your toddlers/preschoolers eat on a daily basis?

Im always curious what some one elses kids eating schedule is. (I don't know why lol). Heres mine for my 3 year old
Breakfast: Honey nut cheerios (dry he wont eat them with milk) Apple juice
Lunch: Homemade chicken nuggets (4), grapes, some fries w/ ranch to dip
Snack: Carrots w/ ranch, strawberries
Dinner: he has what we have which today was some chipotle chicken (half a piece) a small portion of pinto beans, and a small amount of salad (spinach, carrots, bell peppers) w/ some Italian dressing tossed in.
He ate everything for breakfast/lunch/snack but ate about half the chicken for dinner, ate all his beans, and about 4 bites of salad.

My 18 month old literally had the same except for snack she had a graham cracker (dairy allergy, and strawberry allergy) and no salad w/ her dinner but she did not really eat dinner she made took 2 bites

    Breakfast for us is typically cold cereal. They eat eggs and bacon on the weekend with daddy is home, but won't eat it without him. Pancakes every once in awhile with butter and brown sugar. Lunch we do a lot of tortilla pizzas and tuna salad sandwich (tuna, homemade sweet pickles, boiled eggs and mayo). Dinner is whatever we eat.
      Let's see.. Today my boy had

      breakfast: cheerios with milk and grated apple.
      lunch: rice with soybean soup(I'm Korean..), broccoli with cheddar cheese, and half a banana.
      dinner: chicken, marinara spaghetti and meatballs, and bread (all very small portions)
      snack (since we went out today, eating schedule was kinda screwy): yogurt with graham cracker crumb topping from a yogurt place.
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