What does your toddlers/preschoolers eat on a daily basis?

Im always curious what some one elses kids eating schedule is. (I don't know why lol). Heres mine for my 3 year old
Breakfast: Honey nut cheerios (dry he wont eat them with milk) Apple juice
Lunch: Homemade chicken nuggets (4), grapes, some fries w/ ranch to dip
Snack: Carrots w/ ranch, strawberries
Dinner: he has what we have which today was some chipotle chicken (half a piece) a small portion of pinto beans, and a small amount of salad (spinach, carrots, bell peppers) w/ some Italian dressing tossed in.
He ate everything for breakfast/lunch/snack but ate about half the chicken for dinner, ate all his beans, and about 4 bites of salad.

My 18 month old literally had the same except for snack she had a graham cracker (dairy allergy, and strawberry allergy) and no salad w/ her dinner but she did not really eat dinner she made took 2 bites

    Let's see.. Today my boy had

    breakfast: cheerios with milk and grated apple.
    lunch: rice with soybean soup(I'm Korean..), broccoli with cheddar cheese, and half a banana.
    dinner: chicken, marinara spaghetti and meatballs, and bread (all very small portions)
    snack (since we went out today, eating schedule was kinda screwy): yogurt with graham cracker crumb topping from a yogurt place.
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