...is the second time around better?

Mamas.. just a curious question.. did you enjoy your second pregnancy more than your first? Meaning.. did you embrace the journey of actual pregnancy more than the very first time around? I ask because I feel like I would be more excited, less anxious and perhaps more in tune with the baby growing and just being over the moon about the little bug inside.. not that I wasn't excited... but I was pretty anxious and nervous about it all.. but since having Monroe, I wish I would have known he was in there.. because I feel like I would have talked to him more and embraced the ride of the journey :)

Mamas of multiples.. weigh in!

    I seemed to love and enjoy it more with each pregnancy (4). My anxiety was less because I knew what was going on. I could laugh more about the things I could not control and wrapped my head around the things that I could.
      No I enjoyed my first pregnancy more I had the best with my Son and now with this one I'm sick as a Dog and miserable all the time.
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