Does anyone have any tips for concieving?

My doctor says I am perfectly able to concieve, but we have been trying for about a year now and nothing. I have done almost everything, Tracked basal temperature, ovulation, and nothing. every test is a big dissapointment. Please, if you have any tips to give me I will greatly appreciate it.

    Has he been tested for fertility? Are you taking any folic acid or prenatal vitamins? Preparing your body for baby is a good way too, exercise daily. Take folic acid time your ovulation and take an ovulation pee test to see if you're ovulating. Keep trying!
      go so a fertility specialist, they can help. we tried 3 years for our daughter I took some hormone pills and I got pregnant. Hang in there
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      currently trying to concieve. I am married and have always wanted a baby ever since I was 14. I am financially stable and have taken tons of parenting classes. I know what I am getting myself in to. Please give me tips to help me and my hubby to concieve.
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