New to all this............

Hi yall this my first time on here. so far Im loving it!!!! yay :) I was wondering if any of you have jobs available or know of any to do from home?

Anita AndersonElgin, North Dakota
    Hi Anita! Nice to meet yopu here!
    3 daughters - wohoo! Cool!
    About your question - hope Katie and Mandi Welbaum could help yoou better).
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    Im a lucky gal that's been married shy of 10 yrs, 2004! To a fantastic man. We have 3 beautiful children together! Also 3 funky cats, Bodie 10yrs, Gunther 1.5 yrs and Tabby 11 mths old. Im a stay at home mom, but would love to be able to work from home.
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