Biracial Adoption? Sure.

When someone says biracial adoption, I don't know if that means adopting a baby that is a different race from yourself or your husband, or if it means adopting a baby who is two races like black and white mixed.

Either way, my answer is definitely a big YES, I would consider biracial adoption. In my eyes, a baby is a baby is a baby. I don't care what color your hair, eyes, and skin are, you deserve a good home and to be loved!

Honestly, in this day and age, it AMAZES me that there is any sort of prejudice about race, at all, period. I mean, c'mon! We live in the age of globalization and the internet and opportunity. I can easily chat with somebody in Germany or Korea or Africa in all of about 5 and a half seconds thanks to Google. We don't even needt to know the same language thanks to super speedy translation software.

And let me say, I have. We're all made of the same meat and bones and brain matter. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and beliefs and opinions. We cry, we dream, and we bleed pretty much all the same. And cute little baby toes come in every color.

If I ever decide to adopt, I don't care what color my baby is. If I fall in love with him/her, that's all I need.

The only issues I see arising are 1. ignorant people and rude comments and 2. Having to confront the adoption issue earlier than with a child my own race. The kid is going to see something is different, obviously. But, nevertheless, if I adopt... I don't really want to withold that information very long anyway.

What about you? Would you consider biracial adoption?

Moms Expertise
    Well, my son is biracial and he is perfect! I would have no problem adopting a biracial child. To me a baby is a baby no matter what their racial makeup.
      Amanda Hurley
      Yes, I would definatly consider ti.
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