Do you have a chore schedule?

Do I ever! I like to keep life streamlined. Albeit, this move is throwing me alllll off, I normally do like to stick to a chore schedule, which has evolved over time to suit my needs.

In the begininng, it was a simple to-do list I'd make in the morning, but it seemed like such a waste of paper to write the same things over and over. (I was behind on the smartphone trend... I used notecards, lol. Still do sometimes)

Then I changed it to specific lists separated into daily envelopes like Monday- Clean the bathroom, dust, vacuum. Tuesday- Clean appliances, sweep, mop.... etc. BUT. I love the satisfaction of physically checking off my lists. Dilemma number one arises again, and it was a (small, but noticeable) time sink to rewrite my lists weekly.

So, in comes the household binder which I use to this day, in part. I kept my daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores in page protectors and checked them off with a dry erase marker. I liked it, I did... But I felt it needed to be more accessible and more visible.

That puts me where I am today. I still maintain a household binder with freezer inventories (for freezer cooking... I don't inventory everything. I'm not crazy... Christina had me tested – also, Mom, you better get that reference!! LOL) I still keep my monthly and seasonal chore lists in the page protectors in the binder, but the daily and weekly chores have a new home.

I have a big board in my kitchen with a magnet board, a pen holder, and four 5x7-ish picture frames glued to it. The magnet board has mostly become unecessary thanks to the GTD system, but the picture frames I adore. I keep dry erase markers in the pen holder to use on the frames.

One frame holds daily chores like water plants, wipe off counters, make the bed, do a load of laundry etc...

The second has weekly chores like thoroughly wipe appliances, mop, deodorize the mattress, wash sheets, etc.

The third just says 'To do:' with blank spaces for any extraneous tasks like pay a bill, etc. Also kind of unnecessary with the GTD system, but if I don't have a moment to file something, it's a help.

And the fourth, which I adore, is a To buy: list. No more scrambling to figure out what we're out of... No more “Why didn't you buy THIS SUPER IMPORTANT THING?!?!” Was it on the list? The one conveniently placed in your path of travel? Nope? That's why.

Google Keep on the phone app is also a handy little thing to keep track of chores and tasks while you're out and about. Or in the bathtub. Hahahaha.

What about you? Do you have a chore schedule?

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