Nosey Neighbors

I grew up out on a farm in the country without really any "neighbors" we had farms next to us but we were so so spread out that we weren't close to each other. Now we are building a home in a traditional neighborhood which I am not used to living in. It will be a great choice for our family but being a farm girl I'm pretty protective of my house and HATE nosey neighbors. We went to drive by our lot where they have started work on our basement and when we drove by some old man that lives in the neighborhood was just walking around all over our lot and peaking in the basement and just being nosey.

It offended me and I was a little mad. I mean I know that there isn't even a house there yet, but I was irritated that this guy felt he could just go poking around on property that wasn't his. I am sure gawkers are normal when you are building a house but I was just surprised, not to mention it's total safety hazard he could have gotten hurt on a site like that. My husband says I was being ridiculous and it's normal for this to happen in neighborhoods like ours. It made me worried I won't like it. I can't stand people's lack of respect, you wouldn't just go walking into some one house would you? so why would it be okay if its an incomplete house?

Maybe I am over reacting. Any one else ever encounter nosey neighbors? Do you live in a neighborhood? Do you like it?

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      I think it's cute you're protective over your home already.
      However. Yes. I would totally walk around the unbuilt property to check it out. Totally.
      Out of pure curiosity and interest though. Not nosiness
      I wouldn't think twice about it being an invasion of privacy without walls. I love seeing new house being built and am Akways living the layout etc.
      one it had walls or a fence of course I wouldn't cross that then.
      But open space is fun and interesting.

      Nosy neighbors you may have but remember most of it starts as people just interested. Something new on the block.
      We jus had new neighbors move in in our building and we are totally interested.
      It's like people watching to the enth degree. Plus these are people IN our neighborhood. You like to know about them
      I'm betting its harmless and that guy might just like house building and be curious.
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