Feeling Peaceful

I see and hear a lot of people talk about things that have offended them, and it seems that it takes up an awful lot of their time and energy just focusing on being mad. I've been super guilty of this in the past and its still something I remind myself of daily. The truth is you cannot change what happens to you, or the things people say to you. Its entirely out of your control. Your responsibility is to react. React in a way that says "I live my life in love"! Basically, there is a totally rational and adult way to say "sticks and stones!" You can change a lot of the way a situation plays out by reacting positively.

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      I totally agree. You gotta feel it and then move on. Though letting things slide aren't Akways that.. Sometimes you just tell yourself that but then it builds up.
      The best thing I do and my friends is vent about it to each other in a safe place. Not in a crowd or around a lot if people but sometimes you gotta just let it out, vent and complain about whatever is going on and then let it go.
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