My day yesterday....

Holy buckets what a day. I'm sure some of you have read that we have a couple of rental houses. All are empty right now so we are super busy trying to get them on track to be rented!

The day started out so wonderfully. Charlie and I got up and went to Church, he was a good boy like he always is.. even gave the Pastor a few contagious smiles.

Then we came home, I got on some messy clothes and we went to grandpas house to drop off Charlie. As we were leaving his doorknob came off in my hand.. sigh. So, on to rental #1. Tore down all of the green (ugh) fiberboard all the way down to stud to get it ready for drywall. (That was after unloading the truck..oy.)

Then it was on to rental #2. Previous renters left this place a real stye so it's our main project right now. We've decided to tear down the paneling that was up (people, please stop covering stuff with paneling..ick). So, I'm clearing a work space for myself and moving all of the debris from the last visit to one side of the room.. and it happened... I don't think I've created that long of a string of curse words come out in.. sooo long.

The nail went through my shoe and up into my foot. Wasn't wearing the right shoes anyway, they have very thin soles so most of the nail went in.. so far that I had to YANK the board out of my foot. YANK!

So.. went to grandpas to clean it up, visited with Charlie for a minute and found out he ran out of formula.. so it's down to the store to over pay for a can of formula because it was closer than my house, at which time I set the alarm off on the truck...

Needless to say, on the way back to the rental I stopped for Cesars and Pizza.. alcohol and fat fixes everything :) Here's a picture....

My day yesterday....
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