Childhood Memories

One of my favorite memories is of making mud pies for my dog Butch, My cat Missy, the chickens and the guineas!

4Ronna JonesFort Worth, Texas
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    4Ronna Jones
    No, I think I will keep the fun to myself!
      My best memory is a little argument my grandma and i had. I was 2 i think. My dad had to have surgery on his brain so my mom stayed with him. My grandma and grandpa took me to visit my dad at the hospital. My grandma took me to the gift shop. She bought me what she thought was a bunny. I looked at it and i told her it was a mouse. She said no hunny i got u a bunny. We argued all the way to elevator. I finally screamed no gamma it a mouse. She looked at it and said i will be dammned it is a mouse. My grandpa said to her guess u need to take animal class with our 2year old granddaughter.
      I still have that mouse. Since then both my grandparents died. Grandma died when i was about 8 and grandpa died almost 4years ago( he passed when logan was 1month old), and my parents divorced when i was 3.
        8Theresa Gould
        My favorite memories are camping with my family and all the play outside; whether it was playing in our backyard, swinging, exploring the pasture, skating on the ice on the pasture or swimming at the swimming hole. We were always outside.
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