Work from home

What are some work at home options, what has or hasn't worked for you? I've done the Avon thing, just didn't work out.

    8Theresa Gould
    I am a blogger (I earn money for writing posts, featuring posts, running ads and affiliate links), hostess for and I've been a Virtual Assistant in the past. I also do two paper routes because I can do it while my family sleeps, it pays weekly and my children can go with me - the ones that want to. I also have a network marketing business that basically brings in monthly income that covers the cost of my product order. I'd like to build that but don't just don't have time right now.
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        I have never been a fan of direct sales. I don't have time to leave my house to hold parties or go to events. I do very well with work I can do from my computer. I have worked various social media type jobs over the years.
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        I work part-time, always looking for a way to work from home or be able to go back to bea stay at home mom again.