How to wash dirty cloth diaper

I stopped using a diaper pail to soak our cloth diapers in because I found our firstborn daughter broke out into a bad rash, probably from the bleach. All I would do is dump the poo into the toilet or swish it around in the clean toilet bowl water to get the majority of the soil off. Ring it out. Then it went into a pail to be washed at the end of the day. I washed them in the washing machine twice with Dreft laundry detergent. Once on cold, then on hot. If I remembered I would add vinegar to the rinse cycle since it is a natural antibacterial. That's all I did.

For wet diapers, they just went into the pail of diapers and washed with the rest.

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    When my son was young I learned all about using toxin free products and learned which ones worked and which ones didn't. I also clothed diapered whenever I could. I had a couple of sitters who couldn't get it down pat, LOL. (Ironically the grandparents who only had a cloth diaper options when we were kids.) I never had to "strip" the diapers because I never had build up and my son really did well with the cloth diapers. Not all "green" cleaners/detergents are created equal.
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    Meg Sonnenbergwe have done cloth with seven children. Hubby didn't want to do cloth with our last and I wasn't about to argue over something so trivial especially since he's the one that potty trained Jr. in the end. :)
      Great advice! I guess I was lazy having a diaper service come and launder them for me! LOL!
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        I had a diaper service when my 7 year old was a baby. One time, when he was sick, we ran low before delivery day. This is how they advised m to wash some. Note the service simply had you shake out the solids and place in the lined pail.

        First do a cold water rinse to prevent staining. I just run a cycle with cold water only.

        Hot soak for 30 mo=inutes then wash with hot water and 1/2 to 1/4 the soap your bottle says (most of the time the reccommended amount is too much and attracks dirt). Finally double rinse using vingar in the second rinse.
          Leanne Spring
          I just throw all mine into a laundry basket with no pail liners and leave the poopy ones in the laundry room sink. I was diapers every other day since I have 2 in cloth,.
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