Baby Fever!!

I have experienced baby fever, or the urge to have a baby multiple times over the years. I think it is a biological urge that we have no control over. Two of my children are here because I had baby fever and wanted to get pregnant so badly.

When I wanted to stifle the urge to have a baby I tried to remind myself how tough it is to have a newborn, how much cry, how much they need and how little sleep I get. I try to focus on the bad and not think about all of the good. I never found an effective why to stifle the urge though, I guess that it why I have four kids!

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    8Theresa Gould
    Me neither and I have eight. I find when I look at photos of my niece I get a little baby fever, but it is usually just my niece that does that to me. It might be because I lost a baby who would be her age now. I can't wait to hold her and am hoping they come for a visit this summer!
    No number 5 for me. I had to have a hysterectomy due to medical reasons, so no more babies.
    I am very happy with four, I was not even sad that I can't have any more.
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