sex with kids in the house...

having sex with kids in the house? i have never done it before but its not a bad idea.. how do you have sex with with younger kids or older kids in the house? has anybody ever been caught? LOL

5Marissa MelvilleBuellton, California
    Of course I have had sex with kids in the house, if I didn't I would never have sex. Our older kids have never caught us and even if they did they probably wouldn't even notice something was going on. Our baby sleeps in our room so we have done it with her in our room, when she is sleeping. Nothing is wrong with sexuality between two consenting adults.
    I am totally with you, Katie. If I waited for all 3 kids to be out of the house, it would never happen! We do it when kids are sleeping and lock the door. Though we have occasionally let them watch a movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon and then head upstairs :-)
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