Preparing for natural disasters

What kind of natural disaster are common in your area?
What have you done to prepare for a natural disaster?
Have you updated your supplies and emergency kit to include what your baby will need?

I grew up in CA and remember having multiple earthquakes. We also has emergency water and food in the house. We practiced at school and at home about what to do if there was an earthquake. Each year of school we had to bring an emergency earthquake kit in case we had one at school. Now where I live earthquakes don't really happen. Now we are prepared for blizzards and making sure we have enough supplies in case we are trapped in our home with no power for a few days.

    Ah.. earthquakes.. God be with you, those sound awful!

    Here... tornados.. and they are NOT fun.. they are beyond unpredictable and so so scary... especially at night. There is no rhyme or reason when they come about and warning for them can be too short of notice MANY times.. it's also hard to stay up to date with the way the storm is going when it gets nasty out because often the POWER goes out, or at least the TV... this making it very hard to know when to prepare, when to run to the basement... etc. We are lucky in that we have a big full basement, we have sirens very close by.. and we have a routine should things get nasty! Many times I have taken to the basement during the day while my husband is at work.. I go down with the dogs, take the iPad and iPhone.. and wait..
      Well.. I thought I was prepared until the last 112 earthquakes here.. and I've felt about a fourth of them.. and so after the big one IN our area on the 17th.. I made sure we were prepared.. water, snacks, food, etc.. flashlights.. also went over and practiced with my kids what to do from every area of our apartment.. if in the tub or bed or kitchen, or outside playing.. I feel much better now, but just hopng we are together when it happened..
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