Does any body have a tried and true get pregnant way that you KNOW worked??

Whenever I see a post asking about tips on how to get pregnant.. Aside from my usual "eat healthy, take a pre natal"... I Always say have lots of sex.
Yes it's a little smart assy and I certainly don't mean it to be obnoxious BUT there's nothing I've read or heard of that has been proven to really help. Nothing you can take.. No documented proof that that lady got pregnant for sure because of those things. Or was it just roll of the dice? Her turn?

I think sex is the only Nd best way to get pregnant. Things you can take or eat may help but I also know women in terrible health or overweight who get pregnant... Cause they had sex.

Right time. Right place. Right sperm. Right egg. Right day.


So tell me. What is something that you truly believe helps??

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