...baby on the go!

Mamas.. non breastfeeding Mamas.. how did you prepare bottles when knowing you were going to be out n about for the day? I would love to hear.. I always love to hear tricks, tips and what gals do!

Since I both pump & supplement.. we now use bottles, thus we have to prepare when we go out :) Breastmilk is good for 6-8 hours based on what the CDC states.. although we personally don't really let it go over 4 hours and use it up. So if I know Monroe will eat within 4 hours of pumping and bottling and we are going somewhere.. I bottle it and take it along.. instant meal! But if I don't have a pumped bottle ready and I know he will need to eat.. I bought this awesome and handy container that you can measure out the exact amount of formula needed and have it ready to pour right into the bottle! It saves a lot of time, hassle and powder going everywhere... and it works!

    I prepared them and kept them in a little purse like cooler.. if I needed to warm it, I'd find a sink at a target or hot water cup from a restaurant or coffee place and warmed it in there.. I also carried a larger thermos of hot water that the bottle could fit INTO... so I had hot water.. there's also a car warmer.. plugs into the car outlet and is like a wrap with velcro and heats it up.. not fast..

    We were always on the go.. my kids stopped caring if the bottle was warm.. they just didn't like it cold..
      For us, we have the bottles of water ready and a skinny bottle full of the proper amount of formula powder ready as well. Whenever my little man gets hungry, all we have to do is mix the powder into the water and we shake it up!! The water is room temp for us and he accepts it just fine. We actually use a breast pump attachment as a funnel to get powder into the water without it spilling. That's how we do it, it's really quick. We make all six bottles (6 water/6 powder) he drinks in the morning and just refill every morning. So easy. :) When I was pumping for him, we simply mixed it with the formula. For example if he was eating 4oz at a time, we'd do 2oz breast milk and 2oz formula. My supply was never really good, so I only got 2 at a time usually. Hope this helps! :)
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