...prepare, organize & forecast!

I have a unique take on "maternity leave" because I mainly work for myself... I do work at a barre studio (fitness studio) so I was open and honest with them about my pregnancy.. they were all so excited the whole way through and I made sure to sit down and take to the girls above me about a course of action when it was "go time" :) They couldn't have been sweeter and even since, they have everything under control until I want to come back... goodness, who is that lucky? :)

Now.. for my OWN self employment... I prepared, organized, streamlined and forecasted as much as I could about the work that needed done. It was literally the only way it could get done and that I could have peace of mind.. I highly recommend you start early if you work for yourself.. you never know what the timing of the baby will be and you also never know what REALLY will happen.. unexpected things can come up.. you cannot think it will all go picture perfect. I would even suggest having a "go to" person when you need help with things in the beginning.. I had my Brother and it was such a nice feeling just knowing he would swoop in and help if I needed it.. this also meant I had to train and get him familiar with my work.. but once again, prepping far ahead of time goes a LONG way in pregnancy ;)

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