Activities for your preschooler

1. Treasure hunt game
Small toys or snacks
Treasure map (optional)

This is a great way to liven up a rainy day.
Have an indoor treasure hunt by hiding several small toys, books, or special snacks around the house.
Give your child clues or draw a map that leads to the treasure.

2.Green light/red light
Stand twenty to twenty-five feet away from your child.
When you say "green light," have her walk, run, hop, skip, or crawl toward you. She must stop when you say "red light.

3. Windows washing
Spray bottle
Cleaning cloth

Fill a spray bottle with water and 1/4 cup white vinegar.
Give your child the bottle and cleaning cloth and let her help you wash the windows, bathroom counters, or kitchen appliances.
She will love to be your helper and work along side you while you do some of your own cleaning.

1. Balloon Toss
Blow up several balloons and toss them back and forth. Try moving closer to each other and farther away from each other. Try using different body parts (hands, elbows, heads) or blowing the balloon up in the air. See how many times your preschooler can bounce the balloon up before it falls to the ground.

2.Sidewalk Chalk Simon Says
Draw large shapes, letters of the alphabet, numbers, etc. using sidewalk chalk. Say “Simon says stand on the yellow square,” or “Simon says sit on the number 5.” For more advanced kids, try multiple step instructions like “Simon says run to number 14, then hop over to number 20.” This is a fun way to work on recognition of higher numbers, lowercase letters, etc.

3.Marbles: The general rules specify that you draw a circle in the sand or on the sidewalk, and then take turns trying to knock each other’s marbles out of the circle with your one large marble. As with the other games, there are countless variations. I haven’t played this game at length, though, because I always seem to hurt myself flicking the large marble into the ring! You can also use a marble mat which contains different point zones.

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