..let's be real.. you are never "ready" :)

To be honest.. you can never be 100% prepared to bring a baby home... whether it be financially, emotionally, etc... you won't ever be 100% there.. and that's okay! My husband and I finally realized this early last year... here I was trying to prepare as much as I could, financially, work wise, mentally, emotionally.. trying to perfect all aspects of my life.. until I realized.. if I keep trying to do this and THEN want a baby.. it might never ever happen! Then and only then I was finally open to letting a baby come into our lives :)

I would say if you are in a happy, loving and long term relationship with your partner.. you are sound in many aspects of your lives.. to some extent money wise and of course emotionally... and you want a baby.. welcome them with open arms :)

Babies are a blessing. That's all there is to it!

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    4Milagro Rivera
    No one is ready even though they say they are. You never really are. But once you have that little bundle in your arms, you feel ready to take on any challenge that may come your way because that little bundle(s) is very much worth it. I know that's how I felt. :)
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