Is this even possible?!

I'm feeling really broken right now.

Back in October, I went to the doctor because of low energy and just generally feeling crappy. The day before my appointment she asked me to come in for blood work and then took some the day I came in. On the day between I started bleeding and thought "Mystery solved, that was some crappy PMS" but went anyway. She told me that my first results showed a slight white count and a VERY early pregnancy...I immediately felt faint, I was bleeding a lot more than normal and cramping extra hard. I told her all of this and she looked sad but basically told me to wait until the next morning and we would know more...The next day she called that my levels were decreasing, I was miscarrying. I only knew I was pregnant for 16 hours. I was devastated, even though we wen't even TTC. It would have been a happy accident. We moved through it, and in December (with the green light from my obgyn) we decided to start trying.

Now I'm having all the same issues. I had a normal period in november, and stopped taking OBC mid-Feb. I'm really hoping it's conscience, but when I told my mom about what I was experiencing (She's a nurse and doesn't know we're trying.) She told me to take a hpt that it could be a spontaneous miscarriage. Two in six months?! It doesn't even make sense. I'm probably overreacting and this is just an awful period. Idk, but I'm so heartbroken...

    Hi ladies;

    I just thought I'd update you guys. As of right now, I think that it was just a bad period. I stopped bleeding this morning, and the pain has mostly stopped. I took a hpt and it came back negative. I'm feeling a lot less nervous.

    Thanks for all the support.
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