Cleaning for our kids?

Every wonder if the cleaning products that are available to us at any grocery store are safe for our self's and our kids? Are they really doing their job at cleaning or are they harming us more? I just recently came across a video that showed all these harmful things that cleaning products could be doing to yourself but most of all affecting our kids more. This is scary makes me at times not want to use these products but we have too!

    Megan... chemicals are not god for us...but they DO disinfect. however, there are such GREAT alternative cleaning methods out the ...ALL NATURAL ONES!!! Vinegar is an AWESOME natural cleaner!
      Yeah ladies you all are very right there are all natural products out there. I actually just got introduced to an amazing company that I have never even herd of but has been in business for over 30 years producing all natural cleaning supplies. It's amazing what you learn when you meet new people. If you are interested in learn more about the company and their all natural products just let me know. But if not happy cleaning to everyone and hopefully we can all do it in a safe and healthy way!!!
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