How Do I know I'm a mom?

How do I know I'm a mom? Well tonight after spending an hour fighting with my 5 month old about whether or not she was gonna go to sleep & then an hour after getting her to sleep going back in there and feeding her because she decided she was still hungry & then spending another hour trying to get her back down, I walked in to the bathroom and looked at myself. I know i'm a mom from all of the ... well call it "momness" all over me. First of all I have "You are my sunshine" stuck in my head. and after that well it goes a little something like this... I have dried up carrots stuck to my elbow, dried up applesauce on my forehead, Orajel in my eyebrow, a lake on my pants leg from my poor little one teething. Not to mention I'm wearing my moms t-shirt because Riley wasn't feeling well earlier and threw up all over my shirt,my neck & my face, o and that's probably what the crusty stuff in my hair is. My hand's are completley dried out and cracked from washing them a 100 times a day because there's spit up, pee or some other unknown substence on them. My ankle has a bad cut on it from pushing Riley around the house in her walker playing and I hit my foot on the door frame. I am tired...scratch that, exhausted from getting up every hour on the hour every single night because she's either hungry ,having a bad dream or just flat out don't want to sleep any more. I'm sore from playing horsey or super girl or dancing or from just carrying around a baby, a carseat, a diaper bag, my purse & usually a bumbo seat or any variation of the 5 things. I'm starving because in spite of all of the food in my house and dishes piled up in my sink, I rarly eat. Anytime I fix myself something Riley wants to eat & my food ends up cold or burnt. Every dish in my sink is a bottle or a spoon or a bowl or something from riley & honestly my sink needs to be as deep as the grand canyon to hold them all. I have more laundry than you could ever imagine and its mostly bibs. My house is a wreck, My self is a wreck but Riley? My sweet beautiful baby girl? She is HAPPY, no matter what. She is the most important thing in my life and all that stuff before this. Does not matter. That is all in a days work of keeping my baby girl happy and i would never ever have it any other way! Her happy is me happy! I could not be any happier than I am with thing's just the way they are!

:) thank you & this is just one day! Everyday is so so special in its own way :)
    Cassy I can attest to to your statements! I too LOVE my life with its ups and downs! Children make it ALL worth while!
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