What type of chores do your kids have if any? How do you get them do them without threatening them?

I had chores as early as I can remember! Of course I didn't have all the gaming and stuff my kids have. "Heck" I'm just gonna say it "we were dirt poor and often homeless"! My 12 year old twin boys barely take out the trash and recycling, when I get ugly! They do more when I get ugly and take stuff away! O.K. Enough from me ! How about you all?

4Ronna JonesFort Worth, Texas
    I make chores a game straight from the beginning and do everything with them, then slowly start shifting the responsibility over to the kids.

    Mason is responsible for folding his laundry and his sister's laundry, we sit together and I fold mine and my husband's while he folds the kids' stuff. Audrey helps do the laundry, and they are both responsible for helping set and clear the dinner table.
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