OOPS! April Fools Day FAIL.. I'm a bad person...

I told you I would suck at this and just upset my kids.. I told them.. "Wow.. It rained hard last night.. I think school is cancelled"... They both went HOORAY and then I said April Fools.. And they were SO mad at me!! LOL..

Oh man.. MY dad would do stuff like that and I hated (but loved him) him for it, but now have such deep deep respect for him .. And it's in our blood to mess with each other.. my kids better step it up...MWoohahahaha

    HAHAHA We made Audrey cry for a solid 5 minutes this morning. We are moving, and told them the people called and said we couldn't move anymore. Audrey was completely heartbroken and didn't understand when we told her it was just a joke.
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