April fools flashback

In 2011 on April fools day I fell off a bike and broke my wrist arm nose jaw two teeth and dislocated my knee cap. My mom thought it was a joke when my best friend called her from inside the ambulance and told her what had happened. When the hospital called her she came in with a big grin still thinking we were half joking and that it was a couple bumps. Then she saw me and the large amounts of bandages and splints all over me and bought me candy. It was a rough day. Needless to say April fools is a very cautious day for me.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
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    We do laugh about it now. Funniest part was I was laughing then the look on her face when she realized we we're serious was priceless
      Oh my goodness!! I'm sure your mom felt absolutely awful when she finally saw you! Stay safe today!!!
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