buh bye Depression!!!!

i was having a rough time battling that at the last couple months of 2013, i made it my new years resolution to turn my frown upside down, lol and so far its working beautifully, i simply sat down and thought about all the things i control in my life thats causing me to feel this way, starting with my addiction to those ciggarettes, i used as my life line (a pack a day) my sugar intake my breakfast was a can of pop and some type of choclolate id go through a 12 pack of 7up or mtdew (depending on my mood) in 1 day, im a worry wart from hell, i coupe myself up when im under stress insead of attacking the situation, and i had just givin up on myself completely! i was taking care of my family, but taking the easy way on me, HERE I AM TODAY! almost 3 months since i quit those ciggs (cold turkey) ive began eating healthy!! the fun part was replacing those ciggarettes with craft time with the kids, baking, trying to new recipes oh and working out! with time ive forgotten all about why im so antsy in a moment, ive used that anxious feeling to do productive things! i feel uhmazing! and i did all on my own, no pills, just little ol me and my willpower to be a better example for my children, and to be able to live a long life watching my little rugrats grow up, i have such a diffrent out look, im so excited for what my future holds for me and my family:)

Nikki Hicks
    That is fantastic!!! I recently cut almost all sugar out of my diet and it has made a huge impact on my mood! So glad you have found ways too pull yourself out of some darker moods.
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