Diaper and wipes

I'm happy with parents choice. I've found that the infant diapers leak less then some of the more expensive brands. I make my own wipes out of flannel cloths or just plain paper towels. You can make the wash using water, castile soap, and olive oil. I found out with my first baby that store bought wipes contain ingredients that sting during diaper rash.

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    We use cloth wipes as well, but I use CJ's BUTTer Spritz as the wipe "solution" I just spray the baby's butt and then use a dry wipe to clean everything up. Works really well for us!
      I use Luvs diapers. I like the way they smell when fresh of course and Bentley rarely wakes up wet. Parents choice diapers have him rashes. And huggies had him so rashy we were in the er cuz he couldn't pee. Pampers are just too expensive plus I feel like they leak a lot. As far as wipes go we do use parents choice fragrance free wipes. 700 wipes for 11 dollars isn't a bad deal. Plus they come in individual recloseable packages so they don't dry out.
      It's been a couple of years since my last baby and I didn't have a problem then. Not happy to hear they have changed, now that I'm expecting again.
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