Soaps and Lotions

My baby has baby dandruff and a small rash, doctor says its nothing serious but to stop using any soaps or lotions. Especially ones with dyes. What soaps and lotions do you use for your babies with sensitive skin?

    We don't use any soap or lotion on the kids. Water is all they need to get clean. My 18month old has never in her entire life had soap or lotion on her skin. My oldest child had eczema so we did the research and stopped using all products with chemicals after that. If the kids skin gets dry or if they have a diaper rash we use coconut oil. Sometimes we will mix a drop or two of another essential oil in it.
      We don't use any lotions, and I use Aleva Naturals or Delish Naturals for soap. My kids all had pretty insane cradle cap, and the Aleva body wash/shampoo has tea tree oil in it which helps with cradle cap. I don't love the way it smells, but I love what it does for their skin :)
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