depends ...

i think it depends, its deffnitly something that should be disscussed with your doctor before hand, if your doing it intentionally like a diet, and 1st trimester due to body changes some women lose weight, i was under weight everytime i got pregnant (i have an overactive tyroid) with my first i was 106lbs within a month i was a 104lbs, my doctor wanted me put on a water pill, i refused, at 38 weeks pregnant, weighting 137lbs i gave birth to a 5lb 6oz healthy baby girl, but i was always for packing on the pounds while pregnant, my weight should be 120-125 my doctor wouldnt count any weight gained as baby weight till i surpassed 125lbs then hed start charting it as weight gain, in my case no no no! not a good idea, i was way to skinny, but i can see and have seen women who eat healthy for them and the baby, as long as youve gained 30lbs over your avaerage weight, then your good to go, anything more is on you not the baby (atleast thats what ive always been told by my doctor)

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